Farming Solitary Dancer Farming the Film Ltd Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Lost and Found Mercedes Dean Street Productions Lois Stevenson
Blame Sammy Hartfelt Media Shane Hart
Faesten Marie London Film School Eduardo Solorzano
First Time Izzie Gloucester University Alicia Paton
Deathmas (Short) Ash Mark Kuczewski
Endeavour Dancer / Paint Girl Mammoth Screen Brady Hood
On Order and Away Sal Perry Pictures Richard Perry
Snatch Stripper Little Island Productions Nicholas Renton
Fearless Doctor ITV Pete Travis
White Gold Party Girl BBC Damon Beesley
KBC Bank Banker Independent Films
Game Show Commercial Player 1 Lion Television Simon Shalgosky
Huggle Girl in Cafe Unilad
ACCENTS & DIALECTS American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Cheshire, Cockney, Geordie, Heightened RP, Manchester, RP
MUSIC & DANCE Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Street Jazz, Tap, Soprano
PERFORMANCE Acrobatics on Rollerskates, Physical Theatre, Skin Work, Voice Over
SPORTS Horse-jumping, Horse-riding, Rollerblading, Running