Oscar Laughton

A marvelous young actor, Oscar is currently playing Gavroche in Nov 2018 at The Capitol Theatre, Horsham (Ariel Company Theatre / ACT)

Height: 4'11" (150cm)

Weight: 5st 9lbs (32kgs)

Eye colour: Blue/Green

Hair colour: Blond

Native accent: RP

Playing age: 8-13

Role types: White, Scandinavian

Les Miserables Gavroche The Capitol Theatre, Horsham ACT
Bugsy Malone Dandy Dan ACT
Junior Musicality The Hawth Studio/ACT
Oh, What A Knight! Watt Cobblers Bury Theatre, Hurst
Into The Woods Jack ACT
Sports Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Ninjutsu (Purple Belt)
Music & Dance Guitar (Grade 3), Singing, Street Dance