Shelagh McLeod
Writer and director

Shelagh McLeod Director/ Writer Bio & Filmography Shelagh was born in Vancouver. She starred in Dennis Potter's, Prix Italia winner: Cream In My Coffee. After an established acting career, she graduated with a first-class degree in film and creative writing (2013) and awarded an MA (distinction) in Creative Writing (2015.) Her debut feature film as writer/director, Astronaut, stars Academy award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss. Astronaut, premiered at Edinburgh Film Festival ( 2019.) Nexus, Shelagh’s second screenplay, chosen for the Writer’s Lab 2018, supported by Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman has a proposed shoot in 2020. 2019: Astronaut (writer/ director.) Edinburgh International Film Festival. Best of the Fest, Nominated for Audience Award. Taormina and Fantasia Film Festival. 2017: The Great Escape (writer/ director) Rhode Island (2017) Cinequest screenwriting competition, semi-finalist (2017) Shore Screenwriting Competition, shortlisted (2016) London Independent Film Festival (2017) Winner, Moondance Film Festival, Winner. (2018) 2016 Nexus. The Competition. (writer/director) (Promos) 2012/13 Run (short) Awards: Royal Reel - Canada Film Festival. Nominations: San Luis Obispo. Spirit Quest, New Hope, Monarch. Screenings: Asia film festival. Berlin Shorts. Charleston FF. San Antonio, Vancouver 2011: David Rose (short) Awards: Royal Reel - Canada Film Festival. Nominations: Tulsa Film Festival. Screenings: Sprit Quest, Los Angeles.